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Vegan Calendula Body Balm Sensitive Skin Unscented (Back In September)

Vegan Calendula Body Balm Sensitive Skin Unscented (Back In September)

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Discover our Vegan Calendula All-Purpose Body Balm, your go-to for gentle, plant-based care for dry skin and a solution for those allergic to animal products. Our hands-free, push-up stick ensures mess-free application on the go, combating dryness, sensitivity, eczema, and more.
To provide gentle, plant-based care for dry, sensitive skin, especially for those allergic to animal products.

Skin Type:
Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Ideal for babies and adults of all ages.

When to Use:
Use daily or as needed, especially effective during harsh winters.

Skin Benefits:

Deeply moisturizes and nourishes dry skin
Alleviates itchiness and inflammation
Promotes skin smoothness and a glowing appearance
Provides anti-fungal and anti-bacterial protection
Aids in wound healing

How to Use:
Apply daily after a shower or bath. Apply a generous amount on clean, dry, or damp skin. Gently massage until absorbed. For nursing mothers, ensure the balm is completely removed from nipples before breastfeeding. Wash hands after each use to maintain hygiene and prevent contamination.

After Use:
Skin feels smooth, deeply nourished, moisturized and hydrated with a noticeable reduction in dryness and irritation.

Aroma and Scent:
Fragrance-free for those with sensitivities or preferences for unscented products.


Back in September!

Hurry, while supplies last! Our body balms, crafted with natural waxes and butters, are available for a limited time only during the fall and winter months. We want to ensure the quality of our products, so we made this seasonal decision to prevent melting during the warmer spring and summer months. Embrace the comfort of cruelty-free care for you and your little one. Aren’t you tired of non-vegan balms? Make the switch today!

Botanical particles in the body balm, a little goes along way! Unfortunately, this tube may may not fill products entirely to the bottom. This is how the tube designed.

Our preservative-free body balm, store away from water-prone areas and direct sunlight best used with in 6-9 months, assures you of a purely natural and chemical-free skincare experience. 

Prioritize your well-being by consulting with a physician and conducting a skin patch test for sensitivity. 

Ingredients: Candelilla wax, Carnauba wax, Kokum butter, Cocoa butter, Jojoba oil, Safflower oil, Sunflower oil, Almond oil infused with Calendula, Chamomile, Lavender and Vitamin-E oil

Size: 2 oz

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